Detail your employee and customer journey. Custom make an app of your dreams.


From Angular to Azure, we leverage best in class technologies for an agile and enjoyable user experience.

We don’t Tik-Tok. We aren’t Silicon Valley. We are software experts in the deep industrial space.

How to Build a Great Web App

User Stories

Fully understanding your customer and employee’s needs starts with a detailed compilation of how they do business.  Engaging with endusers and key stakeholders through this process uncovers the huge impact modern software can provide your business.

The output from this process, known as user stories, allows software developers to fully understand what the software needs to do. Momenta Tech will synthesize these users stories as the roadmap for decision making.  

 Interactive Mocks

Understand how an app functions without going through the complete development process. Interactive mocks allow all stakeholders to deliver their input without a costly development process.


You can then make quick and decisive changes based on the needs of your team.   


Preliminary discussion with your software developer should have included how information is accessed, monitored, and used. A proper architecture discussion includes notification requirements, integration requirements, offline needs, as well as proposed programming languages.


You want a product that your team will not just utilize, but will rocket your business forward. Software development should be broken into clear phases and include both developers, clients, and executive stakeholders to maximize success.  Momenta Tech takes the time to synthesize all input into a clear end product that will maximize your company’s investment.  
We use non-invested parties for QA.  Another phase of beta-tests and changes can be quickly implemented before deployment to ensure a smooth transition to your new software. 


New software usually means a shift to your SOP.  You deserve a strategic and thoughtful implementation of your software investment.  A successful deployment requires the buy-in of stakeholders.  Hopefully, their input has been received and incorporated during every step of the process. 

To ensure success, companies run their own QA tests, validate functionality against the scope of work, and introduce the app in a staged approach.  

Maintenance and the Future

Congrats! Building a successful custom web app is not for the faint of heart. Ensure your development team provides the proper hosting and maintenance. This provides compatibility years and even decades into the future.